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Subsidised health check up and vaccines

Top 3 killer diseases in Singapore are Cancer, Pneumonia and Cardiovascular.
Currently, there are 2 types screenings available to HealthPal.

1. Power of 3+2 Health Screening

When it comes to heart disease, there is strong evidence that blood pressure screening is a superb test. It is practically free — once you have an automatic blood pressure machine in the office.

Heart attacks and strokes are strongly correlated to an unhealthy blood cholesterol reading. And it is extremely common — you will be surprised how many ‘lean and trim’ employees suffer from high cholesterol because of an unhealthy 'Singapore diet'.

Given how treatable the condition is, early detection allows early preventive efforts to avoid the dreaded consequences associated.

Type 2 diabetes is on the rise all over the developed world. 1 in 9 Singapore adults are estimated to succumb to the condition in their lifetimes — common enough for the Prime Minister to wage war on the disease during the National Day Rally.

Failing to detect and treat diabetes promptly may result in a slew of complications, including kidney failure, blindness, and limb amputations.

All it takes is a fasting blood glucose measurement — the gold standard test for detecting the disease. Anyone who has a family history or are overweight ought to be screened early

Get 2 other test by choosing 1 of the 5 lifestyle profiles. Each profile comes with 2 tests.

2. 4-in-1 Eye Screening

Do you know:

  • 90% of people suffer from Glaucoma and are unaware of their condition?
  • 80%of people with long-standing diabetes would eventually develop Diabetic Retinopathy?
  • 75%of teenagers in Singapore suffer from myopia and are dependent on glasses?

The above are findings and statistics of some of the major eye conditions prevalent among adults and children in Singapore.

Start taking proactive steps to take care of your eyes today by being aware of the early signs and symptoms. Use this unique 4-in-1 eye screening to help you screen early for the following conditions:

  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic Retinopathy (DR)
  • Age-related Maculard Degeneration (AMD)

Cashless Transaction

When creating your HealthPal account, a credit/debit card is required in order to use your e-card. All consultations, treatments, or bundled deal purchases will be charged to this card.

There will be a pre-authorization charge of $150 each time you load the e-card. This is to ensure that the credit/debit card you are using is valid and has sufficient funds. As we provide a cashless transaction, there will usually be no payments made to the clinic unless otherwise stated.

Clinic Locator

Enable location services so we can help you find the nearest clinic. Open it in Maps and have your GPS to guide you.

View your health records

Under My Visits, you will have a list of clinics you visited. Tap into each listing to view details of each visit such as payment details and diagnoses

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