HealthPal for Maids


Introducing HealthPal for Maids

During your foreign domestic worker’s (FDW) employment, you must send her for a medical screening every six months. This medical examination screens for pregnancy and infectious diseases such as syphilis, HIV and tuberculosis.

You may refer to the MOM website for more information.

We have collaborated with doctors around Singapore to offer subsidised compulsory screenings for your Foreign Domestic Worker. For as low as $2 per month, you can give your FDW the best medical care without having to burst your wallet. As a HealthPal, your FDW gets to enjoy all perks and benefits, including $13 GP consultation at over 500 clinics, $70 Dental polishing and scaling, cashless transaction and consolidation of all doctor visits. Plus, get notified every 6 months when your FDW is due for her 6ME and every 2 years for the additional HIV screening.

Check out our different price plans and screenings we provide.


Price Plans

HealthPal for Maids offer 2 different price plans. We have a 1 year HealthPal for Maids for existing domestic helper and a new 6-Months HealthPal for Maids for employers who have yet to confirmed their domestic helper

Screening Packages

HealthPal for Maids offer 3 different screening packages. The most basic screening is the Six-Monthly Examination that is required to be done once every 6 months. After the first 2 years, your Foreign Domestic Worker is required to be checked for Tuberculosis(TB) and HIV. Subsequently, only HIV test is required once every 2 years.

Clinic Locator for Screening Packages

Click here to download the list of clinics that you may bring your domestic helper to get the screening.
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