Guide to Use HealthPal


Guide to Use HealthPal

This section will guide you on how to use HealthPal and what you should do if certain problems arise.


Login to your account

Once you login to your account, you will be on the main page of the app.


Search for the clinic

Use our clinic locator to find a GP, dentist*, or TCM.

*You may be required to make an appointment beforehand.


Your eCard

You'll need to show your eCard to the receptionist at the clinic. We will temporary hold S$150 from your credit/debit card.
If there are no charges incurred, the S$150 will be released back into your card within 7 days.

The clinics will be looking at the time stamp of your eCard. Only if it is valid then you'll be able to use HealthPal.


Payment and medication (if any)

After consulting, all charges will be billed directly to your card. Collect any medication or medical certificate if necessary.


View your records

You may view your records by selecting My Visits from the homepage. The fees and medication prescribed will be listed there for future reference.


Partners of MHC

If the receptionist is uncertain, inform the clinic that HealthPal is using MHC's program. As there are a few programs available, you may inform them to use Indivplus

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