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up to 48% savings at over 1,000 clinics in Singapore from just $2/month

How it works?

What is HealthPal?

HealthPal is an innovative platform which distribute healthcare and wellness services to direct consumers and companies. HealthPal.SG is the first-of-its-kind application, bringing together affordable and accessible healthcare across panel clinics in Singapore.

E-Card Services Provided

With a wide range of integrated healthcare providers in Singapore and extensive network of clinics, you are spoilt for choice!

General Practitioners (GPs)

- FLAT FEE of $13* for consultation

Specialists (SPs)

- follow up consultations up to $80


- polishing and scaling up to $70

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

- premium consultation up to $38


How it works?

By tying up with partners and vendors, HealthPal reinvents consumer healthcare by working with clinical networks to extend preferential medical benefits to end consumers.

Unlock these unlimited possibilities in 3 simple steps


Be A HealthPal

Choose one the plans available and sign up to be a HealthPal. Once your account is activated, download out HealthPal.SG app from the Apple app store or Google Play store.

A credit/debit card is required to use HealthPal. All consultations or treatments will be charged to this card.

Note: There will be a $150 pre-authorization charge when you load the eCard.


Enjoy 48% off
healthcare with HealthPal

Need to see a doctor or visit a dentist? Go to the clinic locator to find the nearest clinic to you, islandwide. 

Flash your e-card and enjoy a cashless transaction at subsidized rates. It's that easy.


Retrieve Your Healthcare Records &
Enjoy Discounts With Our Merchants

Know exactly when you fell sick, which clinic you visited and the type of medication you took.

Through our marketplace platform, we make it easier and more convenient for you to purchase various lifestyle and health related products, tailored to suit your needs!

GP Price

Polyclinic Consultation Fees ( excl. GST)
Singapore Citizen / Adult$13.20
Singapore Permanent Residents$32.70
General Practioner (GP) in-office consultation fees (excl. GST)
Short consultation (up to 10 mins)$20-$30
Long consultation (11 to 20 mins)$30-$55
HealthPal Member consultation fee $13 (excl. GST)

Dental Price Comparison

Dental Scaling and Polishing (excl. GST)
Other Private Dental Clinics$68-$200
HealthPal MemberUp to $70
1 Tooth Extraction - Simple (excl. GST)
Other Private Dental Clinics$90-$250
HealthPal MemberUp to $90
Filling 1 Tooth - One Surface (excl. GST)
Other Private Dental Clinics$80-$200
HealthPal MemberUp to $90





HealthPal for Maids is our latest program to help manage healthcare costs for your Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW). We understand that hiring a maid can be quite costly and some employers may neglect the welfare of their maids. With HealthPal for Maids, we bring the same benefits of a HealthPal to your FDW, and even more. Enjoy subsidised screening packages that is required by MOM and give your FDW the same care that we will give our families. Find out more on how this works!

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